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Dallas County Home School is Closing!     It is with mixed emotions that we announce the closing of Dallas County Home School. As a strictly volunteer operation, our board and staff agree that it is time for us to all move on to other endeavours. We have had the pleasure of serving over 600 families in the nine years we have been in existence. We hope our services and guidance has made a positive difference in the education of our students and that DCHS will have a lasting effects in their lives.

Thank you again for letting us serve you. The constant praise and feedback has made our jobs a joy. Our entire staff is very proud of the DCHS Family.

Thank you all for being a part of it!

May & Summer Registration

updated on February 23, 2014

We are happy to report that current students will be able to register for Maymester, Summer 1, and Summer 2 classes with DCHS. This option is only available to students who have already been admitted to DCHS. Enrollment will being mid March as soon as the online schedules are published by the campuses. To qualify for these bonus semesters a student must have an up-to-date DCHS transcript and their accounts must be in the black. DCHS will not be able to update transcripts for summer. Unfortunately, there are no scholarship funds available for summer. Tuition will be $50 for May/Summer 1, and $50 for Summer 2. Please email Michelle at info@kathelee.com if you want to take advantage of this option.